Interior Design

Wall Decals Ideas That Are Suitable for Your Living Room

Wall decals are proving to be a successful alternative to wallpapers. The wall decals add much-needed drama and character to the walls.

Birch Tree Decal

If you want to create an illusion of taller ceilings and biophilia in your living room, this is a great way to achieve that look. The tall birch tree decal will smartly reach up to your ceiling to create a pure majestic look. Then, perch the owls on any branch, arrange the leaves as you’d like, and trim the trees to fit your wall perfectly.

Cactus Garden Decal

This beautiful set of cactus garden decal sets is ready to add a subtle and soothing touch to your living room. In addition, especially for feminine and boho backdrops, this piece of decor plays utmost eye-catchy and phenomenal. To apply this decal, you can just peel away the backing to expose the adhesive and press it onto the wall. Then, removable decals work best when applied to smooth, flat surfaces. Last, it is also easily peeled off when finished.

Canyon Palette Wall Decal

Do not spend too much time decorating your living room wall. It is a great time to bring the scorching warm hues of the great Canyon on your living room walls! It adds a perfect quirky touch with a feeling of welcomeness, warm and fun. Besides, you can always play creative and stick the decals in the most innovative and mesmerizing ways.

Watercolor Dots Wall Decal

Do you know the best feature about wall decals? Well, unlike the wallpapers, decals do not require a ton of work in the installation process or maintenance. Even though they equally add a sense of visual interest to the walls but they are definitely coming out as a hero! This design is full of texture and translucence, giving you the actual artist’s rendering, right down to the paper’s original texture! After that, in this great set, each dot gives the distinct impression of being painted on the wall. So you get all the charm, with none of the mess.

Palm Fronds Wall Decal

Last, we can go to this extremely fragile and soft-looking wall decal, here is a design for the Shabby Chic and contemporary interior design style. Featuring a beautiful pattern of floras and pampas grass, this design will gradually and beautifully transform your space into a mesmerizing haven.

Mountain Wall Decal

This wall decal for the living room would definitely take your breath away. So, if you’re fond of the hills and mountains – but somehow live away, this sticker is a great way to achieve the look! 

It gives a great scenic backdrop to your couch without really overpowering the room. Plus, you can creatively stick it on the sides of the walls to maintain a sense of continuity.

Peonies Wall Decal

Design your living room walls with this beautiful piece of floral that defines the scale and perspective of the room. Presenting a perfect piece of focal statement, this wall decal will catch the attention and creatively fill the vertical space.

Generally, it’s ideal to stick the decal at a certain height behind the couch backdrop. This will add a sense of grandeur and splendor to the room.