Bathroom Curtain Ideas

Curtains and drapes are a desired design feature, as they can help bring a high-end feel to a space. Decorating with curtains in a bathroom might seem to be an unexpected move. However, this is one of the proven ways to bring elegance to the room and turn it into a luxurious retreat. Whether you prefer sheer curtains or ones made from natural materials, they will make your bathroom feel more like a spa.

Bathroom curtains provide privacy, but their purpose isn’t limited to that. With so many styles, colors, and patterns available, you can make the right choice for any bathroom.

Sheer curtains

Sheer curtains provide privacy while still letting the natural sunlight illuminate the space. The delicate white fabric complements the elegant style of this bathroom, giving the design a high-end vibe. The dreamy bathroom curtains will complement a freestanding tub, recreating that perfect retro look.

Cafe style curtains

Café-style curtains make a space feel more intimate while introducing a dose of charm. The curtain style brings relaxed vibes and is ideal for master bathrooms and powder rooms. 

When choosing a suitable fabric, you need to keep a few things in mind. Artificial fabrics like polyester are waterproof, so you will be sure that they stay mildew-free. On the other hand, natural materials such as linen or cotton will bring an organic feel to your space. 

Retro feel

Bathroom curtains with warm neutrals will bring a retro aspect to the room. The classic fixtures and freestanding tub convey a vintage feel, and the textured curtain adds playfulness. Complete the look with a detail-rich Moroccan rug to intensify the theme and add a touch of visual interest.

Playful pattern

The bathroom can sometimes feel too dull and sterile. If you want to revamp the space, try playing with patterns. A floral print will add a pop of color and a dose of visual interest to break down the monotony.

Floor to ceiling length

Every professional designer will advise you to add full-length curtains to make your space look more expensive. This smart trick will work for your bathroom, elongating the window and making the room look taller than it is. The neutral color brings a refined feel and helps create that luxurious spa-like retreat in your home.

Introduce texture

Natural materials will introduce playfulness with their organic texture. Linen curtains will ideally complement an all-white bathroom and elevate the style. The bamboo blinds bring an earthy feel. The rough texture will contrast with the glossy tiles, introducing a decorative element that really stands out.

Bathroom Showers Can Be Remodeled In Your Bathroom

Bathroom showers are one of the best ways to update the look of your bathroom. You can change the personality and character of your bathroom with the help of a new shower or a new style shower. If you want to update the look of your shower, start by having a plan and budget to follow. The type of shower makeover you can do depends on these factors and the space you have available.

Designing Around Size

Perhaps the most important feature is having the right design for your bathroom shower. The key to successful remodeling is to make very specific and detailed measurements work. Having existing plumbing is a really helpful way to keep costs down because changing the location of this feature in your bathroom shower is by no means a cheap thing to do.

Boho Bathroom With Geometric Tiles

The original bathroom in this space remodeled Shauna Glenn Design, had only a tub and a window. The design team replaced the window with a privacy option that still floods the room with natural light. The marble floor slopes down into the shower, so there is no threshold to step over. The framed glass walls have a sliding door that seals off the shower from the tub area. The matte black shower and tub fixtures are a striking touch that offsets the gorgeous geometric tiles.

However, there’s a lot more to choosing the right bathroom shower than just where you’re going to put it. You have many options in bathroom showers to consider including multiple showers as well as massage showers. Plus, you’ll want to focus on areas around the shower such as the tiles or flooring in those areas. Some of the most affordable bathroom showers are fiberglass, a pre-made option where you will have the tub and shower attached together. Or, you can look for more luxurious options including a bathroom that offers a new look to the room.

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Marble Shower With Frameless Glass Walls

If you have enough space, you can luxuriate in a large shower like this one by Cathie Hong. The frameless glass walls and door create an open and airy feeling, which makes the bathroom feel twice its actual size. Note the privacy window that allows the homeowners to bathe in natural light. The handy built-in bench makes shaving or basking in steam relaxing and comfortable. We also love mixing gold bathroom fixtures with marble tiles. Here, the combination feels both elegant and traditional without feeling too overdone or haughty.

Choosing the Right Option For You

There are many bathroom showers that you can choose from. For example, you may want to consider a bathroom shower that offers a different look and design. You also have the ability to choose other features for the room such as the dressing table and toilet. What’s more, you should think about the fixtures in the bathroom and even the mirror in the room. What type of tile will you use that will coordinate with everything? The good news is that you can buy bathroom showers that offer all kinds of looks.

Creating a Relaxing Shower Using Color

Color sets the tone and mood for any room in a home. What makes this shower by Florida’s Akel Homes so pleasing is its relaxing hue. The region’s world-renowned crystal blue ocean waters were the inspiration. The blue marble tile in the shower makes bathing feel like time spent at the beach.

Check Out Some Kinds

There are several popular options in bathroom showers for you to consider. Some of the most popular are those without doors or even those without doors. It gives a very contemporary look to them. You can create the type of shower you want from an affordable acrylic shower or a full tile shower.

Modern Bathroom Shower With an Old World Vibe

This, for instance, features luxurious stonework combined with modern fixtures with an antique brass finish that evokes an industrial vibe. Contrasting tile patterns can really liven up a shower. Note how the marble chevron shower walls contrast beautifully against the dark marble floor tiles. Another striking, which is nearly invisible, is the frameless glass shower door. It opens things up, making the entire room feel bigger and brighter.

A good way to ensure that the bathroom shower you add to your bathroom will match the rest of your bathroom is to use hardware to help you out. For example, the choice of poplar is brushed nickel. If your faucet is nickel-brushed, make sure it fits in the bathroom too. When you do this, you will find that the end result is a well designed and beautiful bathroom shower.

How Luxurious Materials Create a Spa-Like Shower

Source : The Spruce

Every shower you take should feel like a relaxing retreat — the shower captures that vibe with a spa-like aesthetic punctuated by Greek Dolomite Honed stonewalls and Breccia Capraia accent shower walls. Aged brass fixtures provide a lovely contrast.

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Rustic Bathroom Lighting – For A Genuine Country Ambience

One of the most popular trends in bathroom design nowadays is to go rustic. The look and feel of a country cottage is undeniably warm, inviting, comfortable and homey. To achieve this ambience, rustic bathroom lighting is utilized.

Rustic country décor tries to simulate the look of cottage style homes whether American, French or English. Because of this characteristic, rustic country cottages often have that quaint, comfortable and modest ambience. Dedicated homeowners who want a consistent rustic country motif in their house can continue the design into their bathrooms.

Architectural and Structural Details

The rustic country look can be achieved in the bathroom through the use of many architectural and structural details. The use of neutral or soft tones on the walls as well as antique looking cabinets or vanity can instantly add a rustic touch to any bathroom. Pedestal sinks, clawfoot tubs, and brass faucets also add to the country ambience.

As a finishing touch, the best thing you can do is to install rustic bathroom lighting. Characterized by warm yellow tones and subdued illumination, this type of lighting will surely add an authentic warm glow to your bathroom and imbue it with the relaxed and comfortable ambience of an old country home.

Antique lamps made of brass and attached to the walls of your bathroom can easily add an elegant and quaint touch. You can install such lamps to complement other decorative elements in your bathroom such as brass faucets and bath tubs with claw feet.

The possibilities are only limited by the imagination. You can purchase ready made rustic lighting. There are lighting fixtures readily available from home supply stores that simulate the look of country cottages. Some stores offer rustic bathroom lighting products that follow a certain rustic theme such as wagon wheel or antlers.

Source : The Spruce

For truly authentic rustic bathroom lighting, you can also create your own lighting fixtures out of store-brought light bulbs combined with materials such as antique candle holders, wood, pine cones, and others. Explore your creativity and design your own rustic lighting that is unique and beautiful.

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Tips for Modern Small Bathrooms Design

Are you in the process of modern small bathroom remodeling? The good news is, small bathrooms design have come a long way. Before, designing or redesigning these bathrooms involved too much time and too much expense. But today, these have become easier. With the availability of various tools and free software, even a first-timer can do these designs.

One of the most popular small bathroom remodeling design choices is the color scheme. Color schemes for small spaces should be unique, yet complimentary to the size, theme and purpose of the bathroom. Here are some color schemes for different bathroom sizes. You may choose the same or different from these. However, keep in mind that light decorating color schemes will brighten up the space.

Light Decorating Color Schemes

o Ambient lighting design is best for smaller bathrooms. This type of lighting design gives the illusion of a larger space. You may use low level ambient lighting fixtures in the ceiling and other important areas. You may also opt for recessed lighting design that can be mounted in the ceiling and walls.

o High level lighting fixtures are ideal for small bathrooms design. These fixtures create an illusion of having a larger space. You can choose from low level to high level fixtures. However, the height of the lighting fixtures should be in accordance with the height of the bathroom wall and ceiling. In this way, you can enhance the look of the ceilings and walls.

o Good interior design is important for any home. There is no doubt that a good interior design adds beauty to a place. Small bathrooms design can enhance the value of your home. You can take the help of interior design professional to add beauty to your small bathroom remodeling project. It will be a good idea to browse through magazines, online articles, and visit local home improvement shops.

o You may choose among the modern bathrooms design and light decorating color schemes for your small bathroom remodeling project. You can choose from classic designs to contemporary ones.

Modern Bathrooms Design Ideas

o The design of light decorating color schemes and size of the lighting fixtures is entirely up to you. Should choose fixtures that fit in your bathroom. Modern bathrooms design ideas and small bathroom remodeling ideas to enhance the value of your home. You can even put glass tiles on your walls if you want to. Use colored rugs to make your small bathroom’s design more attractive.

To enhance your small bathroom remodeling project, you should start by evaluating your current interior design. It would help if you consult your interior design specialist. They are able to tell you what is best for your type of space. They can show you sample color schemes and decide on the right lighting fixtures for your project. With their assistance, you will be able to build a functional yet attractive space that you will surely enjoy.

You do not have to go crazy when it comes to choosing color schemes for your small bathrooms. As long as you select colors that compliment your bathroom’s furnishings and fixtures, it will still be very stylish. You can get access to a huge number of options online. This is the perfect way to see the best designs that fit your space.

Another tip that you can consider for your small bathroom’s design is to select a theme that fits your personality. This is the best way to prevent boredom in your space. You should always think about your visitors and how they would feel when they enter your small bathroom.

You do not have to stress yourself out when it comes to designing your bathrooms. It is important that you plan your project thoroughly. You should work with a reliable bathroom designer to come up with the best solution for your space. They will be able to offer you ideas and tips on how to make your bathroom one of a kind.

Brilliant Walk-in Shower Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Space may not be on your side when it comes to your bathroom, but don’t give up on the dream of a walk in shower just yet. From layout and design to tiles and colours, we’ve got plenty of walk in shower ideas for small bathrooms ready and raring to go. See what you think…

The humble corner shower is one of the most popular choices for saving space in a small bathroom. They’re compact, practical, and leave plenty of room for other fittings and pieces of furniture.

The humble corner shower is one of the most popular choices

Need somewhat more persuading before you discard the tub? Here goes… Evacuating the shower will, obviously, spare you valuable space, however that is not all. You’ll have more space to play with regards to making a definitive stroll in washroom shower.

Broadening the shower zone along the sum of the back divider will bring about a bigger than normal (and more rich) shower understanding without occupying loads of room and overpowering the room.

Credit by : housebeautiful

If you’re worried about having a small shower, try opting for a neo-angled walk in shower design instead. This will give you more width when showering and get rid of any protruding corners elsewhere in the room.

Need a little more convincing before you ditch the tub? Here goes… Removing the bath will, of course, save you precious space, but that’s not all. You’ll have more room to play with when it comes to creating the ultimate walk in bathroom shower.

Extending the shower area along the entirety of the rear wall will result in a larger than average (and more luxurious) shower experience without taking up lots of space and overwhelming the room.

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Squeezing a shower into a tiny house bathroom

Squeezing a shower into a tiny house bathroom with teensy square footage is undoubtedly challenging. But we are happy to report it is not impossible. From wet rooms to pint-size stalls the following ideas demonstrate with a little creative thinking, you can pack a lot of practical function, and style too, into a small footprint.
Whether you’re dealing with a tiny powder room or a shower stall that’s basically on top of the toilet (been there!), a small bathroom can make morning and evening routines a lot less glamorous and—more importantly—less efficient. But you don’t have to let limited space stop you from living large. Before you throw in the towel and call a broker to help you find a new place, consider these words of wisdom: All you need to make your small bathroom look as good (and work as hard) as its much larger counterparts are some strategic styling tips and a can-do attitude. Here, we’ve rounded up 46 easy storage and styling solutions that’ll make you forget how small your bathroom actually is.

When it comes to small bathrooms, lots of natural light and a beautiful shower surround are always a winning combination.

Modern Scandinavian Bathroom Interior In White

Modern Scandinavian Bathroom Interior In White Options

Now there are lots of design solutions in the plan of apartments and houses. Scandinavian design employs wood not just in their flooring but in addition decoratively in furniture like dining and coffee tables. No matter their vintage, Scandinavian modern designs pair nicely with a wide array of different styles. Scandinavian interior design means the same thing as furniture which is not too much.

If you own a lot of room in your bathroom, be certain that you produce the bath the middle of attention. With a main focus on the placement of mini-sized bathtubs, you can conserve space in order to stay free when accessing the restroom. If you get a little space, you can arrange put a mini sofa and little table to finish your design.

Getting the Best Modern Scandinavian Bathroom Interior In White

It is among the most modern and perhaps the most common style everywhere in the world. It is perfect for very small and small kitchens in the inside.

credit by : curatedinterior

The idea of Scandinavian design has become the subject of several scholarly debates, exhibitions and advertising and marketing agendas since the 1950s. The theory behind the Scandinavian style is to produce and share an extremely beautiful, yet functional modern furniture that brings cosy atmosphere to your house. It’s possible for you to make the above mentioned ideas as a reference when decorating the inside of the restroom. The most important idea in creating of the design was supposed to produce the furniture readily available to everyone. You will also notice there’s an adequate awareness of space here with plenty of room for air to flow around.

Scandinavian Style Takes a Very Simple Approach

The room comes with a lot of clean lines and simple shapes. Whether you’re working on a single room or the full house, you’re likely going to be looking into various varieties of designer lighting. The room has to be practical. Because not every kid’s room needs to be full of neon colors and toys.

The bathroom has become the most intimate space in your house and it ought to be treated with care when you’re selecting a new design for it. Contemporary bathrooms provide scope for developing your very own personal taste. The kitchen was the catalyst for the remainder of the property’s design, states Lewis. It was easily one of the darkest rooms of the home and bled over into the large family room. Maybe you would like your kitchen to stick out from the pack.

Today a wide assortment of his furniture is made by Fritz Hansen. Light furniture won’t seem very cumbersome. Our Outdoor furniture was made to look like indoor furniture but with additional durability. Quite literally, their furniture is similar to an object of art, and it’ll endure for a lifetime. Leather furniture is a good method to bring a small warmth and texture to a space. You may just alter the decor and your cozy cocooning space is going to be created. For the component of living room, you might arrange it using a white and gray concept decor.

33 Luxury High End Style Bathroom Designs

The Honest to Goodness Truth on Luxury High End Style Bathroom Designs

If you children utilize the High End Style Bathroom you want to be mindful about using cleaning agents and other chemicals. Even supposing it isn’t for the bathroom. Instead, the entire bathroom is a unified spacethough some can want a shower wall or curtain in case the bathroom is smaller. Arranging bathroom items smartly may also make smaller bathrooms simple to use. Developing a functional and storage-friendly bathroom could possibly be exactly what your home requirements. The master bathroom is among my preferred rooms.

Your bathroom is starting to look dated. This bathroom includes a laundry space. Utilizing the correct colour scheme, you are able to make your bathroom a pleasant location. Essentially, a bathroom that you’re able to shower or bathe in. It requires imagination and hard work but designing a little bathroom isn’t a Herculean job. If you are in possession of a little bathroom you’re still able to have the walk-in shower you wanted without sacrificing an excessive amount of space. Asian inspired bathrooms are made to supply you with plenty of pleasure whenever you have your relaxing moment.

Wood and concrete are charming and simple to maintain, and give off a completely different vibe. Size matters in regards to picking your bathroom tiles. Bathroom tiles continue to be the very best alternative, however, for the reason that they are practical, versatile and arrive in innumerable sizes, shapes, colours and designs. In fact, replacing your cabinetry might be a terrific first step that pays dividends immediately, without the price or hassle of a whole remodel. Continue reading to discover why updating your bathroom cabinetry may be the ideal answer for your property.

New Ideas Into Luxury High End Style Bathroom Designs Never Before Revealed

Should you need inspiration for designing your bathroom, big or little, professionals at homify can assist you. So, below are some bathroom tile design inspiration for 2018 that you may be applicable to your bathroom so that you could feel more comfortable and relax after spending the entire moment. Also it’s a fantastic concept to add decorative wallpaper or accessories to continue to keep costs low and keep the aesthetics. Nowadays people look forward to having a great time in the restroom and thus, fancy bathroom furnishings are now extremely popular.

Ok, I Think I Understand Luxury High End Style Bathroom Designs, Now Tell Me About Luxury High End Style Bathroom Designs!

Only the golf shower curtain alone will make a huge gift but imagine matching this up with the complete selection of co-ordinating accessories. It would be best to incorporate a little window that may be opened when you use the shower alone to allow the air circulate. A window in the restroom, irrespective of its dimensions, can make a significant difference. In this instance, the frameless shower door proved to be a clever option.

Clever bathroom storage is going to be your main ally a little bathroom, particularly if you are in possession of a huge household. You will be able to use this space both as a normal shower and a steam room and you may enjoy relaxing moments right there in your home. It’s about spending a great time there in the lap of luxury which could be created in a little space too. To make space you can earn storage space under the wash basin with cabinets having drawers.

32 Fantastic Bathroom Storage Decor Ideas And Remodel

After you have made the decision to remodel your Bathroom Storage Decor Ideas you may go online to locate a calculator that will continue to keep a running total of all of the improvements you wish to make. Now, the bathroom isn’t only employed for hygiene, but in addition a space of relaxation and beauty in which we would like to truly feel comfortable and relaxed. It does not have to be big to have a modern look.

No matter whether you choose to update a present bathroom or add an additional room, value is only one factor to think about. Then, a new or upgraded bathroom should improve your life in your house and help your house sell when it is the right time to go ahead. If you are in possession of a little bathroom you might want to have a look at ways to either expand or provide more bathroom storage.

Remodeling might be a labor of love, but it’s also an investment that could seriously boost the worth of your house. Determine how much you are able to afford to spend on your remodel to ascertain the degree of the changes it’s possible to make. A bathroom remodel isn’t a location for improvisation. A bathroom remodel or addition is 1 approach to enhance the salability of your house or allow it to be more practical for you as well as your family members.

Fantastic Bathroom Storage Decor Ideas And Remodel Can Be Fun for Everyone

Keep in mind, build-in a bench when you have the space for it and if it’s your master think about a few extra luxuries which you might not in a usual guest bathroom. In the old times, small rooms meant you might shut off some and heat a more compact space. If there’s no present space for the fan, nonetheless, your cost may be closer to $800.

Your bathroom should always reflect your personal taste and fashion. Updating or remodeling your bathroom may be a fantastic investment of your home improvement dollars, particularly if you intend to sell your house in the upcoming few decades. Unfortunately, some more compact bathrooms use up a minimal 24sf. If you fall in the latter, make certain to connect with a neighborhood bathroom remodeling pro prior to any transformation is made.

You would like your bathroom to be both functional and fashionable. A designer may also be very helpful if you’re designing the bathroom for an older or disabled individual. A bathroom is a crucial part of any home, but one which is often overlooked. Since remodeling your bathroom is something which helps increase the worth of your house you’ll want to do lots of shopping and investigating to get the best possible remedy to yours. Another bathroom will add important value, especially if you put in a master ensuite. You would like to get the ideal bathroom feasible for your dime, so make sure that you are armed with a lot of knowledge before you begin calling.

Shower surrounds can be equally as varied. If you would rather have a shower without grout, cultured marble or acrylic panels are offered in a selection of sizes that may accommodate most layouts. For instance, if you desire the greatest shower it is possible to get, do it! finally, If what you’re trying to find is a massive shower with numerous spigots and sprays, ask us how to build it in your favourite floor program.

20+ Fancy Shower Curtain Design Ideas

A simple method to include a new rich touch and request to your washroom then the texture shower curtain is the thing that you might search for. Texture is the main decision for shower blinds next would be the vinyl shower drapery. In case you’re searching for shower shade medications that utilization silk, cotton, fleece or cloth then the architect shower window ornament will fill your needs.

Shower Curtain Patterns

These exceptional texture fashioner shower drapes are accessible in a gigantic scope of hues, styles and even various examples for any event or the new look you might scan for. By including another texture shower drape you will add an enormous proclamation to your washroom stylistic theme which will enable you to coordinate any restroom window draperies, towels, floor mats to try and waste crates. The texture shower window ornaments are generally treated with water repulsing coatings to help delay the life of the texture of the shower blind.

When you pick a material shower window ornament you ought to likewise include another shower blind liner to shield the texture from the immediate splash of the shower. Producers acknowledge how significant and the enormous effect that shower draperies have on the washroom’s stylistic layout. That is the reason they will offer texture shower blinds, vinyl window ornaments straight up to extraordinary great brand name structured shower shades. These shower drapes will extend from the capacity to coordinate your front room window ornaments or your preferred sheet material sofa or even your wraparound. Finally, In the present market the shower window ornament potential outcomes are interminable and just limited to your creative mind.

The Best Curtain Material

On the off chance that your restroom plans comprise of finding a one of a kind give window ornament. An exceptional structure the primary spot you should begin looking is at another cutting edge planned shower drapery. This will give you an individual stand-out or possibly a restricted release shower window ornament. Then, A huge number producers of understood brand names will offer a wide range of restroom embellishments. With the goal that you will have the option to coordinate the shower window ornament topic or even just to have the option to add more to that current washroom stylistic layout.

By simply including a couple of coordinating towels or moisturizer siphon or diverse towel rack. At an entirely sensible value you can improve the stylistic theme essentially. Finally, the essential use for a shower slow down drapery is to prevent water from harming the remainder of the restroom; but this doesn’t mean you need to live with an ugly shower window ornament.

30 Perfect Bathroom Shelf Storage Ideas For You

One of the easiest Bathroom Shelf Storage ideas is to eradicate extra products. Anyway, it is a fantastic concept to use the space supporting the bed practically. But If you’re looking for the best storage tips for the bathroom with pictures you’ve come to the proper place. If you are searching for best clothes storage suggestions for small bathroom with pictures you’ve come to the correct spot.

The Most Popular Perfect Bathroom Shelf Storage Ideas For Your Inspiration

With a two-car garage, you don’t will need to expand to have the ability to utilize your garage for both auto storage and something different. Then simply take a peek at everything that you currently have in your garage and think of what you wish to really keep there. It is possible to also turn your garage into a space that you are able to use for work. Whether you wish to make your garage bigger or you would like to change it into an excess room, office, or play area for those kids, your choices are endless. However hard you attempt to organize the things in your garage, you will likely arrive at the conclusion that there’s just too much stuff that you have to store in there to allow it to be feasible to get it completely organized.

The One Thing to Do for Perfect Bathroom Shelf Storage Ideas For Your Inspiration

On occasion the simplest storage solutions are the simplest to overlook. In the instance of the bedroom, under-bed storage is a good idea but it is not the just one. If built-in storage is a possibility that’s right for you, however, then it’s a great one. Bathroom storage may be an issue for any size bathroom you’ve been given in your house.

In case the room is small in dimension and don’t have enough storage space, make the space over the bed. There are a great deal of cool decor items for kids rooms you’ll be able to purchase in stores nowadays. In the event the room will develop into a home office, a daybed could be the perfect option. But the youngster’s room is a location where your youngster will enjoy and have the chance to fully develop its capacities.

The Most Popular Perfect Bathroom Shelf Storage Ideas For Your Inspiration

Go for hanging bedside pendants as opposed to table lamps so it’s possible to free up surface space for extra storage or display. If space is an issue in your shared kids room, you might not have the capacity to fit bookshelves and dressers. You’ll eliminate some floor space, but you are going to put on a whole lot of storage space. You can be bold in a small space without risking an excessive sum of money or energy. Then using your vertical space is a wonderful approach to make the most of the whole storage area in your garage. For instance, you want to locate a suitable storage space for your books.

The Perfect Bathroom Shelf Storage Ideas For Your Inspiration Game

You’ll certainly want to separate your bedroom from what’s there. Of all Of the regions in the home, the bedroom is normally the room which receives the smallest quantity of attention. Then, If you are in possession of a small bedroom or merely want to have more space, you must organize a bright storage.

Ideas, Formulas and Shortcuts for Perfect Bathroom Shelf Storage Ideas For Your Inspiration

You might have a bed with built-in storage or you might add shelves and compartments yourself. Storage beds are able to make a great contribution making efficient use of the space below the mattress. You don’t need to hide your bed on the ceiling, but you need to be smart about maximizing storage in which you sleep. IKEA’s MANDAL bed has at all times been a stunning bit of bedroom furniture with storage.