Tips To Find The Best Pergola Designs For Your Garden

Having a garden with a beautiful and creative pergola designs is the dream of many people. The simple but innovative design of the pergola adds a lot of aesthetic touch to the beauty of the garden and serves as the perfect place where family and friends can gather. It is very important to find the best design for your garden to make the most of the available space within the desired budget. Here are some tips for finding the best design:

Location :

The success of a pergola design largely depends on the location of important utilities in the garden area. When building it, make sure it is not near utility equipment or underground pipes. Before starting construction work, it is better to consult with experts.

Light-Filtering Pergola

Designed by Emeritus ​in Nantucket, Massachusetts, this pergola helps define the south-facing outdoor space, which is located directly off the interior living areas and filters the strong southern light. The pergola also serves to animate the space as the sun moves from east to west throughout the day.

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Direction of the sun :

Before determining the design and location, don’t forget to consider the direction of the sun. This is the main purpose of the pergola is to save you from the scorching heat of the sun. Therefore, a careful analysis of the sun’s path should be carried out before starting any construction work.

Greenwich Pergola

While an overhead is practical, it also creates a dynamic architectural element to a landscape. Luminosus Designs’ simple wooden pergola makes the outdoor dining area more intimate while providing shelter.

Material :

Wood is considered as one of the best materials for making pergola designs. The simple reason is that they are affordable and organic. This further adds class and style to the design. Two other materials used are aluminum and vinyl. It is cost effective and durable but lacks beauty and elegance.

Modern Pergola

Inspired by the Midcentury modern style, materials, and colors, this outdoor space by Dale Alcock Homes in Perth, Australia features an inset concrete block feature and pergola with panels that allow light to shine through.

Size :

The size and scale of the design largely depends on the size of the garden. A design that is too big or too small will surely fail to fulfill its true purpose. It is best to get the right garden size and then decide, on the pergola design measurements.

Mountain High

Designed and built by HighCraft Builders, this charming, cozy country house in the foothills of Loveland, Colorado features a cross-beam pergola decorated with string lights for simple gatherings to dine or gather around the fire pit.

Shape :

This is also an important factor to keep in mind while choosing a design. The three most common shapes are square, circle and rectangle. Round pergolas look beautiful but are very expensive to build.

Desert Beauty

For this Arizona backyard, Elle Interiors handled everything from furniture selections and placements to materials and overall exterior design schemes and plans. The firm is well-versed in plants and trees suitable for the Arizona climate. Cushions and pillows in jewel tones help to create a stunning outdoor oasis.

Budget :

This is certainly an important factor to consider when deciding on a design. You can hire a contractor as well as let them take on this big responsibility. If you like to experiment with these things, then it is a good idea to buy a pergola design kit and do it yourself with the help of basic and simple tools.

Southwestern Patio

Source : The Spruce

Connecting to three exterior walls of this Chandler, Arizona-based home, the rugged-beamed pergola shelters this area into a courtyard-style patio. Not only does it unify the area, but the roof also helps to cool down rooms inside, helping to cut down on air conditioning use. The home was designed and built by Forte Homes.

With these important tips you will definitely be able to find the best pergola design to beautify your outdoor space and add value to the exterior of the house.

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