Bathroom Showers Can Be Remodeled In Your Bathroom

Bathroom showers are one of the best ways to update the look of your bathroom. You can change the personality and character of your bathroom with the help of a new shower or a new style shower. If you want to update the look of your shower, start by having a plan and budget to follow. The type of shower makeover you can do depends on these factors and the space you have available.

Designing Around Size

Perhaps the most important feature is having the right design for your bathroom shower. The key to successful remodeling is to make very specific and detailed measurements work. Having existing plumbing is a really helpful way to keep costs down because changing the location of this feature in your bathroom shower is by no means a cheap thing to do.

Boho Bathroom With Geometric Tiles

The original bathroom in this space remodeled Shauna Glenn Design, had only a tub and a window. The design team replaced the window with a privacy option that still floods the room with natural light. The marble floor slopes down into the shower, so there is no threshold to step over. The framed glass walls have a sliding door that seals off the shower from the tub area. The matte black shower and tub fixtures are a striking touch that offsets the gorgeous geometric tiles.

However, there’s a lot more to choosing the right bathroom shower than just where you’re going to put it. You have many options in bathroom showers to consider including multiple showers as well as massage showers. Plus, you’ll want to focus on areas around the shower such as the tiles or flooring in those areas. Some of the most affordable bathroom showers are fiberglass, a pre-made option where you will have the tub and shower attached together. Or, you can look for more luxurious options including a bathroom that offers a new look to the room.

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Marble Shower With Frameless Glass Walls

If you have enough space, you can luxuriate in a large shower like this one by Cathie Hong. The frameless glass walls and door create an open and airy feeling, which makes the bathroom feel twice its actual size. Note the privacy window that allows the homeowners to bathe in natural light. The handy built-in bench makes shaving or basking in steam relaxing and comfortable. We also love mixing gold bathroom fixtures with marble tiles. Here, the combination feels both elegant and traditional without feeling too overdone or haughty.

Choosing the Right Option For You

There are many bathroom showers that you can choose from. For example, you may want to consider a bathroom shower that offers a different look and design. You also have the ability to choose other features for the room such as the dressing table and toilet. What’s more, you should think about the fixtures in the bathroom and even the mirror in the room. What type of tile will you use that will coordinate with everything? The good news is that you can buy bathroom showers that offer all kinds of looks.

Creating a Relaxing Shower Using Color

Color sets the tone and mood for any room in a home. What makes this shower by Florida’s Akel Homes so pleasing is its relaxing hue. The region’s world-renowned crystal blue ocean waters were the inspiration. The blue marble tile in the shower makes bathing feel like time spent at the beach.

Check Out Some Kinds

There are several popular options in bathroom showers for you to consider. Some of the most popular are those without doors or even those without doors. It gives a very contemporary look to them. You can create the type of shower you want from an affordable acrylic shower or a full tile shower.

Modern Bathroom Shower With an Old World Vibe

This, for instance, features luxurious stonework combined with modern fixtures with an antique brass finish that evokes an industrial vibe. Contrasting tile patterns can really liven up a shower. Note how the marble chevron shower walls contrast beautifully against the dark marble floor tiles. Another striking, which is nearly invisible, is the frameless glass shower door. It opens things up, making the entire room feel bigger and brighter.

A good way to ensure that the bathroom shower you add to your bathroom will match the rest of your bathroom is to use hardware to help you out. For example, the choice of poplar is brushed nickel. If your faucet is nickel-brushed, make sure it fits in the bathroom too. When you do this, you will find that the end result is a well designed and beautiful bathroom shower.

How Luxurious Materials Create a Spa-Like Shower

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Every shower you take should feel like a relaxing retreat — the shower captures that vibe with a spa-like aesthetic punctuated by Greek Dolomite Honed stonewalls and Breccia Capraia accent shower walls. Aged brass fixtures provide a lovely contrast.

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