Tips to Decorate a Small Living Room

Most of the activities in the house are carried out in the small living room. Decorating it with some nice and inviting ornaments will make this room look more stylish and comfortable. One of the most important things you should consider when decorate your living room is that it should be multifunctional and have enough seating for all your family members.

Graduate from Living Dorm-Style

The elegant bike shelf keeps wheels up and out of the way while turning the bicycle into a decorative wall hanging. Another smart idea that doesn’t squander floor space is the floating desk that spans the left side of the room. Its built-in drawers provide a good deal of storage.

Decorating a small living room can seem daunting because there won’t be much room for the furniture and ornaments you want. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to solve this problem. Here are some ways you can decorate your small living room and make it look wider.

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Create a Jewel-Box Living Room

The small living room in this luxe London apartment designed by David Long Designs is the epitome of regal chic. A silvery-gray palette sets the stage for a layer of beautiful accessories in rich colors and lush fabrics. The cherry on top is the commissioned portrait that makes the room feel bigger by drawing the eye up.

One : choose the right paint color

Paint color is one of the factors that can add nuance to any setting. The ideal colors for your small space are cool tones like greens, blues, and grays. Gray is considered a neutral color which will look great in any color scheme in your living room. For the ceiling you should paint it a lighter color to make it look taller and brighter.

Mind the Gap Behind the Sofa

Adding a bookcase or shelves behind your sofa is a sneaky and effective way to add visual interest and storage to your living room. In this design, light colors and a large window also help to maximize apparent space.

Two : hang the curtains next to the ceiling

Look for curtains that stretch to the floor. To create a more spacious room, you can hang the curtains about four or six inches higher than your window. This will work best for decorate your small living room.

Pair Perfect Pieces Together

Many Midcentury designs, like the dining set shown on the left, are low-slung and leggy, which looks proportionally better in little rooms. Large mirrors, like the floor to ceiling mirror behind the sofa, also pair beautifully with small square footage because they visually expand the size of an area.

Three : choose the right seat

Seating is the most important pat in your living room. However, if you have a small space, it may be difficult to choose the seat you like. In this case, you need to choose the right one for your room. One great idea is two sofas facing each other along with a coffee table. Another great alternative is a chair or sofa without arms. It can make your room look more spacious and open. In addition, you only need to own a few pieces of furniture. Choose the best for your room style. Lots of furniture can make a room claustrophobic.

Glam It Up With Gold Decor

Glamorizing a small living room isn’t a problem if you watch the scale of your furniture. For instance, an overstuffed couch will make any small space feel minuscule. However, an apartment-size sofa that’s also close to the ground (as shown) will have the opposite effect.

Four : choose multifunctional furniture

Furniture with hidden storage such as coffee tables and backrests are great for storing stacks of DVDs. Another great alternative is a built-in bookcase that lets you display some decorative treasures.

Anchor the Living Room With Furniture

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When it comes to decorating rooms of all sizes, an statement object is what anchors a space. In this living room designed by Cathie Hong, it’s the large credenza that turns the TV area into a sort of accent wall. The side tables tables and upholstered ottomans also have dual purposes for entertaining and hosting.

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