Top Tips for Decorating a Bedroom

The bedroom is a place where love, rest and renewal of energy takes place. Decorating your bedroom with colors, images as well as textures that support this activity is key to creating a sanctuary you can enjoy every day.


Hang framed art prints with images of love. The Kiss by Gustav Kilmt is just one example of an art print that can help create a romantic atmosphere for decorating your bedroom. If you’re more interested in sleep than romance, find works of art with soothing images, such as a beautiful ocean view.

Add Some Southwestern Charm

We love this southwestern-style bedroom from oak.hillfarm because it’s a little unexpected, but also vibrant and bold. With the cowhide rug and steer skull wall art, this bedroom provides endless visual interest.

Find a picture of something you like or that makes you feel good. Frame and hang on the wall facing your bed. This will be the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing you see before you close your eyes to sleep. This will help start as well as end your day with positive feelings and smiles.

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Don’t Be Afraid to Go Dark

This high-rise luxury bedroom from Desiree Burns Interiors gives off major classic vibes. Charcoal gray paint can add visual depth to a room while imparting a soothing, sleep-friendly feel.

Bedroom Colors

Any color that is too much can be too flashy, so decorate your room with neutral colors. Choose colorful accent pieces to make the room stylish and attractive. Lamps, throw pillows, vases or art prints are perfect accents to add any color you need.

Pick a Base Color

One of the easiest ways to decorate any room is by starting with a single base color and decorating around that shade. This bedroom from focuses on a deep hunter green and weaves the hue throughout the space, giving it a cohesive and purposeful feel.

Red is a strong color that can add excitement to your decorating bedroom. However, it’s a high-energy color, so you just need a touch of red. If you are more interested in sleeping, decorate it with blues and greens for a good night’s sleep.

Mix Up Patterns

Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns. This lovely space from Ward 5 Design proves that when done correctly, conflicting patterns can play well together and give the space a designer feel.

Bedroom Decor on a Budget

There are lots of inexpensive ways to add a touch of class to your bedroom. Instead of spending a lot of money on new furniture, spend a little money and time tidying up your current bedroom furniture. Replace damaged knobs and hinges to make bedroom furniture look clean. A fresh coat of paint or stain will make old furniture look new.

Eclectic Style

There’s just something so welcoming and laid back about boho style, especially in a bedroom like this one from naptimestyle. If a perfectly styled bedroom isn’t your cup of tea, opt for a messier, purposely unmatched look. While boho style is all about combing different looks, opt for pieces that work well together to keep your room from feeling overly busy.

The new headboard can change the appearance of a room. Instead of buying a new headboard, buy a piece of plywood and wrap it in the fabric of your choice. Choose a fabric with an interesting texture, pattern or color to make your bedroom design unique. This project will create a beautiful focal point.

Industrial Style Bedroom

Source : The Spruce

This industrial-inspired bedroom from the_hen_homestead is the perfect inspiration for anyone who loves a more modern look.

Another idea is to place decorative curtain rods over your bed and hang colorful blankets or large fabrics from the rods to create beautiful wall artwork.

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