Choosing a Gazebo Design That Goes With Your Home

Style Ideas For Gazebo Design Your Yard

If you are trying to decide whether a gazebo design is right for your yard or not, you may want to consider a few things. First, gazebos are pavilion-style structures known to be located in backyards, parks, community areas and gardens around the world. There are many styles to consider when thinking about placing a gazebo in your yard. For example there are simple gazebos with only the basic basic structure and coverings and there are more complex structures including screens and benches. Only you can decide what fits your style best and the style of your home.

Lily Pond Gazebo

A small hexagonal gazebo sits at the edge of a lily pond designed by Garcia Rock and Water Design for a private home in Santa Barbara.

Pool House

Surrounded by red rose bushes, a gazebo overlooks a swimming pool at a peaceful three-acre home. The design was created by LiquidScapes of New Jersey.

Purpose of Using The Gazebo For Your Home

Determine the purpose of using the gazebo when you decide on the size of the gazebo design. If you plan on using it for outdoor entertainment for a large number of people on a regular basis, you’ll want to make sure it accommodates as much as you can. Additionally, you may want to consider several types of seating to accommodate large numbers of people. This can be tricky as gazebos are usually round in shape. You may want to consider placing additional seating around the garden area or outside the gazebo. If you plan to use the gazebo for special occasions consider what will be needed.

Table With a View

Sometimes gazebos are built to take in a view, as was the case for this raised outdoor structured designed by John Montgomery Landscape Architects in California. Flagstone steps lead up to the structure, where a dining table allows breathtaking vistas.

Cedar Springs Tropical

A pavilion (what outdoor gazebo-like structures are called in Canada) gets a tropical look with a thatch roof. Designed by Cedar Springs Landscape Group of Ontario, the pavilion has amenities like a TV, fire pit, and deep seating.

Size For Gazebo Design Ideas

When you are working on your gazebo design, be sure to keep in mind the overall design of the house. You don’t want to break away from that style when working on a gazebo. You want the house’s compliments not to be taken away from them. If your home is classic, you may want to keep the gazebo old and traditional. The same is true if your home is more modern or maybe Spanish in style, you will want the gazebo to reflect the same style. Planting is quite important when working on a gazebo. Make sure you know what plants will surround the gazebo. This will help you better plan the size and shape of the gazebo.

Family Fun

A backyard in Sydney, Australia was created for a family to enjoy and entertain. Designed by Fluid Landscape Design, the gazebo features a fully equipped kitchen, seating, and overhead lighting. Nearby, the family can swim or bounce on the trampoline, preferably before they eat.

Texas Livin’

Designed by Houston’s Crimson Remodeling and Interiors, this gazebo/pergola, is made of a bronze poly-carbonate, which allows light to come through while blocking UV rays and keeping out rain.

Gazebo Design Ideas

While you can definitely come up with your own design, you will also find some great options online to choose from. Even if you are just looking for great ideas, there is tons of information online. Finding the right gazebo for your home is important because it is the only thing in the yard that can make neighbors and passers-by say “wow look at that”. Think carefully about what you will imagine in your yard for the gazebo next to your house and there you will have your gazebo design.

Gazebo with Vines

A large property in the historic town of San Juan Capistrano, California, features a beautiful gazebo for dining surrounded by nature, including the vines overhead.

Hexagonal Gazebo

Source : The Spruce

A wood hexagonal gazebo serves as a focal point and a private escape for this well-landscaped yard.

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