Bedroom Design Ideas – Create Your Own Private Sanctuary

The bedroom is the most private and private sanctuary, and bedroom design ideas need to be conceptualized with this in mind. Everyone’s needs are different but a balance must be maintained between practicality and usability.


When repairing a bedroom, it is very important to first decide on a budget. Once this is decided, bedroom design ideas can be made to fit.

Your Personal Beach Cottage

This beach cottage primary bedroom from The Good Home proves that a space can be both casual and sophisticated. Notice how the small pops of bright orange liven up the room, while the mismatched bedside tables prove that there’s no need for an all-in-one-purchase bedroom set.

Neutral Glamour

When it comes to bedroom design, neutral colors like brown and cream can be every bit as glamorous as more vibrant hues when combined with luxurious materials, curved lines, and interesting accents, as in this offering from Dwellingdecor.


If buying new furniture, remember to look for utility before anything else. Furniture should be arranged in such a way as to allow easy accessibility while also allowing adequate walking space. Children’s bedrooms need more open space to allow children to play and move freely.

Blue and White Beach Style

Here’s a contemporary take on the ever-popular beach bedroom from Anne Becker Designs. The blue and white palette, clean lines, and lack of fuss keep the space fresh and airy. Suspending the bed with iron “ropes” is an outstanding touch.

Mediterranean Mystique

What a fabulous Mediterranean-inspired bedroom from Jones Clayton Construction. The Old-World formality, luxurious materials, and overall attention to detail make this room a winner.


Thought must be given to proper ventilation and sunlight. Allowing direct sunlight and ventilation into the bedroom can make a small bedroom look spacious and welcoming. When arranging furniture, make sure the windows are not blocked.

Au Naturel

One way to add serene beauty to a bedroom is with natural materials. This bedroom shows off several: twigs in the light fixture, worn wood on the walls, faux fur on the footboard stools. Botanical artwork continues the natural theme.

Mid-Century Modern Style

Stylist Shelly Turner decorated this fresh and airy mid-century modern bedroom in blue and white, perfect against the exposed brick walls.


The arrangement of the bedroom is determined by the arrangement of lights in the room. Switches for lamps should be located in a place that is easily accessible. A private corner can be created near the window by placing comfortable chairs and side tables for reading. This will allow the use of sunlight during the day. Book box or magazine rack can be added.

Vertical Stripes

Is your bedroom small with a low ceiling? Then take a trick from Blackband Home & Design, and use wallpaper with thin vertical stripes to open up the space.

Soft Serenity

This beautiful bedroom from Combined Interiors highlights the power of pastels. Soft and serene, pastels are perfect for a bedroom where color is desired, but not too much of a dramatic statement.


All bedroom design ideas must meet adequate storage space. Depending on the size of the bedroom, the wardrobe can become a large cubicle or it should fit into the available space. The wardrobe can have more shelves or drawers, depending on the need. The bedroom can have ceiling-to-floor wardrobes on one wall to optimize the use of the other wall.

Winsome Wallpaper

Despite the name, wallpaper is a great option for more than just walls. In this model home, Perkinson Homes demonstrates the power of a wallpapered ceiling to transform a room into something special.

Wood Beam Wonderland

Source : The Spruce

What’s not to love about this serene bedroom from Christine Huve Interiors? The rustic ceiling beams, the tranquil color scheme, the comfy seating area, the handsome headboard, the sculptural lighting fixture: it all adds up to one glorious room.

A bedroom is not just a room for sleeping. Bedroom design ideas need to incorporate multiple requirements within set boundaries such as budget and space. It’s challenging but most satisfying to have your own private sanctuary.

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