Tips For Decorating a Small Living Room

Simple Steps Ideas For Decorating Small Living Room

If space in your living room is something you lack, still do it in style. If you have a small living room you usually want to do what you can to maximize the area you have while keeping it aesthetically pleasing. Luckily, decorating a small living room to be stylish can be done in a few simple steps that will be revealed in this article.

Consider a Pale Monochromatic Palette

Creating an insanely chic small space is a cinch if you stick to a monochromatic palette as shown in this white living room featured. A few tricks keep this space from feeling cold as well as stark. Beautiful greenery enlivens the space with color. Natural wood and wicker accents add a dash of cozy, rustic style.

Texture Punches up a Neutral Color Scheme

When square footage is exceptionally tight, make the most of your living room with small-scale furniture as shown in this space. A love seat carves out a cozy spot for two. Two end tables that double as shelving whip up a spot store books. Textural elements like the wicker coffee table and ribbed ceramic lamps punch up the neutral color scheme.

Create a Simply Elegant Statement With Luxurious Accents

You do not need a lot of stuff to make an elegant statement. In this lovely space spotted, furnishings and decorative accents in a mix of luxurious materials and chic colors elevates things. The marble coffee table is an attractive focal point. The green leather pouf as well as blue velvet side chair offer up eye-catching seatings. A plush Scandinavian inspired rug feels fantastic under bare feet. The starburst mirrors add sparkle without going overboard. The fiddle leaf fig tree, shown on the right brings a touch of nature.

When maximizing a small space, think simple. A room with lots of furniture and art can start getting busy quickly. At this point, you have a living room that is felt, visible, and small. The trick to maximizing the space you have is to think simple. Include necessary items in this room like a sofa, maybe a television, maybe at least a coffee table. Do not exaggerate. Furniture comes in all shapes and sizes. For a small living room, don’t use fluffy pillows to accent the soft sofa. Think simple. A standard sofa with seating for three and maybe a chair with an accent will suffice. No room for an accent chair? Then the sofa has to do.

White Walls and Dark Furniture Work

Dark furnishings add depth to this white, small living room an online interior design service. Gobs of natural light keeps the gray sofa and cognac side chair from weighing the space down. Got high ceilings? A tall fiddle-leaf fig tree, as shown on the left, will contrast beautifully with crisp white walls. The rug on the adds a dose of room warming orange color while unifying the room’s color scheme.

California Casual Meets Scandinavian Chic

IDF Studio, an interior design firm out of San Francisco created this small living room, which is a mash-up of California causal style combined with Scandinavian inspired decor. The pale color palette gives the space it’s tranquil as well as relaxing vibe. Notice the backward books? Facing the pages out works with the room’s color scheme.

Playing With Scale, Color, and Texture Adds Visual Interest

Here is another example of how playing with scale works in a simply designed small living room. Here the interior designers at Labl Studio based in New York City combine a mini Chesterfield sofa with what appears to be a giant-sized desk lamp. The layered rugs on the floor lend visual texture and bold color. The clear acrylic side table on the left adds function without the visual heft that comes with furniture that is not see through.

This does not mean that the walls have to be white and that no artwork or other knick-knacks should be displayed. If you want to paint the walls of your living room, keep the lighter side of the color palette. Don’t choose a dark color as it will only cover the living room and make it appear smaller. When choosing a painting to display, take your time and select only a few. The artwork you choose should also have a lighter tone to further enhance the illusion of space while adding a decorative touch to the room.

Furniture Ideas For Decorating Small Living Room

Again, cluttered walls will make the room appear smaller. When decorating a small living room, it is best to choose a few items that you really like and display them; as well as knick-knacks. Corner shelves are suitable for small items that you want to display. They don’t take up much space and you can display them with a little difficulty. However, don’t overload this shelf. It’s still going to be chaos. Pick a few pieces that match the current decor and display them.

Swap the Knickknacks for Beautiful Greenery

Natasha, the blogger behind Candy Pop, skimps decorative features like a gallery wall in favor of small houseplants in her small living room. She says it makes times spent at home feel like summer 365 days a year.

How to Transform a Weird Corner into an Inviting Small Living Room

Make a small living room that feels stuffed in a tight corner feel more welcoming with these simple decorating tips from this space spotted on Homepolish, a decorating service that matches homeowners with interior designers. The rug on the floor carves out the nook. The window is the central focal point. The sofa below it anchors the area. The gallery wall on the left further defines the space. A small-scale marble coffee table and midcentury side chair bring practical function.

Use Paint to Carve out a Small Living Room

A bright yellow feature wall carves out a small living room in a pint-size one bedroom apartment by French interior designer Marion Alberge. Two pieces of small-scale furniture in soft colors, a sofa, and an armchair, bring comfort. The tiny, leggy coffee tables do not hog precious square footage.

Usable items can be combined with decorations to enhance them as well as for practical purposes. Instead of placing three or four remote controls randomly throughout the living room, buy a remote caddy in the shape of a boat to spice up any outdoor decor throughout the room. This is just one example, but items that can be used are often included in decorations if you shop at the right place. A well-known local craft store or craft store sells items you may not find at a chain store. Use this to your advantage. Not all caddy remote control. You can find jugs decorated in several different ways that can serve as vases for flowers that will beautify your decor among several other things.

Small Living Room Inspired by Palm Springs

We love this palm springs inspired living room by interior designer Michelle Gage based in Villanova, Pennsylvania. Plants everywhere as well as botanic wallpaper both give the simple living room an enormous wow factor. Furniture in soft colors allows the greenery to pop.

Creating Separation in a Small Open Floor Plan

If you are working with a small open floor plan, creating a little separation between your different living areas is an efficient way to maximize square footage. In this home by California based interior designer, Haley Weidenbaum a sofa doubles as a space divider. The blue patterned rug anchors the living room. An upholstered coffee table doubles as a comfy footstool.

Combine White Walls With Colorful Furnishings

Source : The Spruce

When it comes to creating a simple living room, you can get mighty creative with color. To make it this idea work, keep your walls and ceiling bright white. Here, the interior design duo at California based firm, Taylor and Taylor took this room to the next level with colorful furnishings in contrasting bold and pastel shades.

A small living room is ripe for creative decorative solutions. They can be decorated to increase space, enhance aesthetics, and increase usability. More than all of these, they are a comfortable and intimate area where a family can create strong bonds.

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