Black Kitchen Accessories and Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important pieces in your kitchen accessories. This is especially true in a black kitchen just because you really will have to bring in extra lighting. It’s important to just make sure that the room doesn’t feel too dark and depressing because this really defeats the purpose. Instead, you probably just want a more dramatic look especially if you decide to go with a black wall color.

You can go for a very traditional kind of look. In this case just bring in stained glass. Glass is perfect because it’s going to bring in an accent color. Your room is already saturated enough. Instead, it’s really just going to seem lighter and brighter and you’re really not going to notice it but it is going to make a huge difference in the room. There are all different kinds of black pendants that you can also coordinate with larger light fixtures. In this case, you could go with a star shaped design.

Types of Vintage Effects in Kitchen Design

This has a vintage kind of effect and can also work in blue kitchen design. This is a modern way to do a vintage kitchen just because black and white are traditional in this kind of room. However, you’re really going to change it up by going with black walls and white accents instead of the regular white walls and black accents which is pretty much the classic way to do a kitchen. Just pick a light fixture with a simple glass shade which is also really going to ensure the maximum amount of light in the space.

Another direction that you can take this into it is more of the natural kind of look. This is going to give much needed relief to a dark room. In this case, you could just go for a wicker shade. This can be quite inexpensive. It also gives it more of the feeling of a Zen like room. You could also get continuity throughout the space with baskets as well as woven grass blinds for a homey kind of touch.

You can also try adding in subtle color with your lighting as part of black kitchen accessories. In this case go for more of a blown glass kind of shade. This is going to have all the intricate iron work and different colors of stained glass. It is just going to look quite sculptural. It can even have bubbles in it. This is a chance to really get a quality piece so that the room doesn’t seem too cheap. However, since it is such a small fixture it is still going to be affordable and can add a subtle color into the room such as a turquoise.

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