4 Inspiration Tips For Luxury Living Rooms

Luxury living rooms are the ultimate in luxury. They are luxurious and flawless, inviting you to feel pampered and loved. In order to design such a space, there are a few simple tricks that can transform your living room into a place of opulence. Here are few suggestions and tips to assist you to create unique and stunningly elegant luxury living rooms.

Texture – Most luxury living rooms have hard floors that seem to swallowed up by the walls. This makes the spaces between the floorboards and the walls seem larger than they really are. To remedy this effect, you can add texture with mirrors. This trick is often used in the bathroom to create the illusion of a larger space.

Color – Another tip for creating texture in your luxury living rooms is to use a contrasting color on the walls or doors. By doing so, you are actually creating more dimension to the room rather than simply making it seem smaller. Try painting one door a slightly darker than the rest. Not only does this create interest in the space, but also pulls your eye up and away from the wall that you want to stay bright and cheery.

Sculptural Features – Corollary to the idea that you want to add as many different visual interest aspects as possible, it’s important that you work with a professional interior designer. Remember that when working with a professional architect, texture is very important. They’ll help make sure that the space flows well and visually appealing, without having to compromise your budget.

The Big Picture – One of the easiest ways to give your luxury living rooms a bigger presence is to add larger pieces of furniture to the space. For instance, an Ottoman can easily take the place of a traditional coffee table, if you opt for the same material. A coffee table is going to be too large for many pieces of furniture, whereas an Ottoman can be added to a group of matching chairs to create a large, inviting lounge.

Texture – Just because you’re working with a designer who specializes in luxury living rooms doesn’t mean that they have to stay away from incorporating texture into their designs. Texture can be applied to doors, walls, mirrors, and just about anything else that goes into a space. So, you’ll need to pay extra attention when choosing unique pieces. It’s OK to incorporate a few textures here and there; it helps to give your home a more organic feel.

Colorful – Chefs often work in bold, bright colors. Consider pieces like coffee tables and ottomans that can go well with the walls and other accent pieces. Remember that a large couch will actually help minimize space. Think about the flooring features that you can include in the design as well. Some homeowners like sculptural floors and others prefer a mixture of textures, materials, and patterns for their rooms.

You’ll also learn about how these touches will tie in with the rest of the pieces. Your final product doesn’t have to be perfect; just well designed. Keep these tips in mind as you plan your next luxury living rooms project. Look online for ideas and photographs of different concepts. Don’t forget to use your imagination and put your personal touch on the pieces you choose!

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