Decorating Ideas for Farmhouse Kitchens

Modern farmhouses are an increasingly popular style of residence for people who love country style homes but also value functionality and practicality. Built on the site of today’s farms, modern farmhouse kitchens are the product of a century’s old agricultural craftsmanship. Adapted to a “from the land” style of living, modern farmhouse kitchens bring the comfort of the outdoors into the interior of your home.

Modern farmhouse kitchens are designed

Farmhouse kitchen design was born out of necessity. Back in the day, storage options were limited, and moving large equipment from field to field was a daily chore. The need for more storage became apparent, and the need for more organized storage was not far behind. With this newfound knowledge, the open shelving design was born. Modern farmhouse kitchens are designed for maximum efficiency, as well as a sense of practicality and organization.

Modern farmhouse kitchens are most commonly designed with open shelving. This design concept has found popularity because it is simple enough to construct, yet can be highly functional. It allows for optimal use of any available space and creates a streamlined feel and look. Because modern shelving is typically made of lightweight materials (like plywood), the cabinetry can be constructed very quickly. For instance, an old barn that could once have been used for storage can now house a TV, stoves, microwaves, and even a refrigerator.

Tile Backsplash Colors

Tile backsplash colors are also popular in modern farmhouse kitchens. Many homeowners want their kitchens to “pop” and choose colors that stand out in a crowd. Tile backsplash colors work great because they are neutral colors that add color. However, adding tile backsplash colors to the kitchen can take advantage of the natural light that is already present in the kitchen. You can have a very modern look, without being over-powering the space with bright colors.

When considering modern farmhouse kitchens, another popular accent is to add “bling” or “spot color” into the space. Adding beadboard and tile backsplash colors onto the wall is a great way to add subtle highlights, while still maintaining the streamlined look of the kitchen. Using accent colors on countertops, appliances, cabinets, and tiles is also a popular way to add color, without over-powering the space.

The final way to add color to your farmhouse kitchens is to add shiploads. Farmhouse kitchens can also benefit from the addition of an open shelf. A wooden or metal shelf may work just as well. Wood shelves offer the most functionality, but metal shelves may also work well if space is limited.

Making Kitchen Accessories

Finally, you should consider installing a range hood over your sink. The range hood will help keep foods from splattering onto the floor, which makes it easier to clean up after cooking. These three accessories will be sure to make your new kitchen one that everyone will talk about!

Next, you will need to consider the overall look of your modern farmhouse kitchen. Although you do not need to change the color of your walls or flooring, you should consider revamping the lighting fixtures in your kitchen. If you have light fixtures that are too bright, it will make the room feel very hot and claustrophobic. If you have light fixtures that are too dim, it will give your kitchen a washed out look. So, to create a peaceful and relaxing space, you should consider replacing your old lighting with whiter, brighter replacements.

Lastly, you will want to choose carefully the materials that you will use for your new decor. Although there are many beautiful woods and metals available for farmhouse kitchens, you should choose wood that is durable. It is much cheaper to purchase a log than it is to purchase cedar or redwood. For a more traditional look, consider using solid oak or pine.

Modern farmhouse kitchens do not have to be bland. You can easily change the outdated look of your old corned cabinets by updating your countertops, light fixtures, and cabinetry. Just remember to select fixtures that are energy efficient. Also think about buying white light bulbs instead of yellow ones, and be sure to update your insulation to reflect natural daylight.

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