Awesome Accent Wall Ideas For Your Bedroom

Are you looking for bedroom accent ideas? Fortunately, all you really need is an easy, no fuss approach for selecting specific components of an accent wall for your bedroom. First you choose your color palette, then select specific design elements to add pattern or texture to the wall, and finally accent your wall with unique design-consistent accent items like photos, paintings, works of art, mirrors, and so on. It’s just that easy! I’ve listed a few bedroom accent ideas in this article.

You may be interested in accent walls which offer a focal point which ties the room together. For example, you might like a focal wall which has a beautiful carving. You could then use this particular carving to create the focal point of a decorative room divider. If you’re looking for something more abstract, consider using an abstract painting or sculpture as the focal point for your interior decor. Be careful to make sure that the painting doesn’t overshadow the other elements of your interior design; otherwise, you’ll transform your bedroom into an aesthetically-disorienting mismatch.

Major Design Element

Walls are often a major design element that many people overlook. In fact, your entire bedroom could be transformed with the addition of chic textured wallpaper or paint. This textured wallpaper comes in an incredible variety of textures, colors, designs, and patterns. In fact, it almost seems like an art form! You can transform the look and feel of the walls within your bedroom by choosing textured wallpaper. Here are a few examples of how textured wallpaper can transform your bedroom:

Paintings are a great way to add visual interest to any wall. Bedroom accent walls are especially wonderful places to hang a nice large sized art piece. Art can really help to tie together the different elements of your interior design. Consider displaying a large, quality painting in your bedroom. Some paint companies even offer custom painted accents, so you can choose a paint style that perfectly complements your walls. The painting will really set off the decor of your room!

Another great way to create visual interest in your bedroom is to incorporate dramatic color patterns into your wall decor. Use dramatic colors that match your accent wall. For example, if you have a plain white wall, you can add splashes of red paint to make the room feel vibrant and alive. These splashes can be done in the form of bold red accents, or even red curtains. However, these colors should only be small, medium, or large in size.

Distressed Wooden Panels

For a rustic feel in your bedroom, choose solid wood accents like rough, dark mahogany or distressed wooden panels. You can find beautiful wooden paneling at local retailers, as well as online. Plywood is also a popular option for bedding. A good rule of thumb is to find the same wood tone in each of your accent wall colors, with at least one contrasting color.

If you like the idea of using decorative elements from around the house, you may want to install a chandelier somewhere in your bedroom, or hang a potted plant on your bed. These types of unique elements can actually give your walls a exotic look. Potted plants also provide instant visual interest when you are trying to decide on the right wall hangings. Potted plants can easily be moved to different locations if you ever need to change the placement. They also allow you to change the positioning of other decorative elements in the room.

For maximum visual interest and an alluring atmosphere, use rugs on the floor around your master bath and on the walls near your bed. Rugs are not just practical items; they are great conversation pieces, as well. You can find rugs that feature bold colors and patterns, or opt for something more simple. As you plan your bedroom’s decor, think about the type of touch that you want to bring to your interior design. If you love earthy accents and natural materials, make sure that you don’t neglect using wall art and accessories.

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