Decorating With Boho Bedroom Design

Boho bedroom decor is heavily based upon Indian, South Asian and African tribal arts and prints. This creates a funky and fun look that is still very stylish and modern. A traditional bedspread made of hand woven cotton is a must for this look. Because it’s colorful, bold and unique, it will add flair to your Boho bedroom decor.

If you’re looking to create a chic boho bedroom, try incorporating vintage South Asian prints on your walls. Lamps, mirrors, bedding and throw pillows can be found in eye-catching colors such as turquoise, orange, red, yellow and green. Adding this all together with your classic college dorm room chair and table, you’ll have the perfect blend of chic and class.

You don’t have to stay in the dorm to create both bedrooms. Living in college is extremely Bohemian so living in an old and worn area can still have a strong vibe. Using your natural decor from when you were a kid is a great way to create a funky but elegant look. Many people are choosing this as their way of decorating because of its versatility and chic vibe.

Sticky tags can also be added to your furniture in different colors or shapes that display your interests. Hanging a chic and unique headboard with an interesting geometric pattern is a fun way to accessorize your bedroom.

Another essential for creating a chic vibe in your bedroom is the use of colors and prints. Decorating with bold and rich colors is one way to add some Bohemian chic to your bedroom. Colors that are rich and dark such as burgundy, charcoal, and black will give the room a very chic vibe. For curtains and blinds, choose prints with bold and energetic designs like stripes, polka dots, and vines to add more to the atmosphere.

Bedroom accessories that create a Bohemian vibe include throws, jewelry, and wall decor that reflect the Bohemian culture. Items such as throw pillows, bedding, lamps, and chandeliers with an exotic design can give your room a fun and playful vibe. To finish your Bohemian vibe in your bedroom, match throw pillows or accent pillows with other accent pieces like chiavari chairs, tables, or mirrors.

Boho bedroom decor focuses on using small and chic accent pieces instead of larger and more intricate pieces. A key element in the boho look is the use of earth tones and herbal inspired furnishings. You can use earth tones such as wicker, rattan, and jute. There are also a wide variety of plants such as bamboo, ginkgo, Japanese maple, Japanese maples, and lilacs.

Other great accent pieces to add to your Bohemian bedroom include fairy lights, hangings, wall art, mirrors, and more. You can purchase fairy lights at any craft or art specialty store. The fairy lights will either hang from a rod or you can attach it to a wall hanging.

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