Six Kitchen Ideas To Small Kitchens

If you have a small kitchens and need to create an efficient workspace, one of the best small kitchen ideas is to install a marble backsplash. Install a marble backsplash in your kitchen today, and you will immediately add usable countertop space and natural stone color to your kitchen. There are many styles and colors of marble backsplashes to choose from. These backsplashes are not only stylish, they also add value to your home and they are easy to maintain.

Install a breakfast nook right next to your kitchen space. A breakfast nook is a small counter area in your kitchen where you can prepare your food. Nooks typically include storage for dishes, a sink, cupboard, and a small table or seating area. With these small kitchen ideas, you get more counter space for preparing food and more room for a cupboard with hidden storage and more room for tables where you can place small serving dishes. You can use these storage areas for storing dishes, pots, pans, and small appliances.

Small Kitchen Ideas That Work for You

Another small kitchen ideas is to install wall cabinetry and pantries for extra storage. Many people are installing wall cabinets to store special items such as silverware and small collectibles that don’t fit in their refrigerators and other cabinets. Many people are also choosing to install a few cabinetry shelves in their kitchens as well. These shelves are a great way to keep extra items out of sight but still at the ready when needed.

Install small kitchen ideas that make your small kitchen work for you. Small kitchens can be very cramped and this is one of the easiest ways that you can make your small storage space work for you. Install tiny kitchen cabinetry and pantries where you can easily organize small kitchen items. This will free up precious floor space.

Another great addition to small-space solutions is the installation of a window. Install a skylight on the lowest level of the room. Providing natural light to the room will open up the space while providing a pleasant illumination for cooking and cleaning. Installing large windows also increases the amount of square feet of usable counter space.

Small Kitchen ideas include using decorative accent walls

For additional small kitchen ideas, consider the installation of custom cabinetry. Custom cabinetry allows you to mix and match coordinating cabinetry pieces to create an eclectic look that coordinates with the rest of the space. The most effective and aesthetically pleasing cabinetry pieces are those that are similar in style and color. For instance, if your space is modern then consider installing contemporary looking cabinets and countertops. On the other hand, custom cabinets installed in traditional spaces look best with antique-looking wood.

Other small kitchen ideas include using decorative accent walls for storage purposes. Place decorative accent walls right next to your stove and refrigerator to maximize available space. Since appliances and pots usually take up at least two wall spaces, place items such as pots and pans on the counter top or other available area. In this way you can store items underneath them. Consider using mugs as wall accents to further utilize limited space.

One idea that provides both storage and aesthetic appeal is the use of floating shelves. Floating shelves are available in many shapes and sizes to meet any decorating need. You may opt for open shelves that are mounted to the wall or the ceiling. Since floating shelves help to conserve floor space, they are great for small kitchens where you want to maximize shelf and counter space. In addition, floating shelves are quite easy to install and come in a variety of styles and finishes.

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