Modern Farmhouse Kitchens – Accent Pieces

Modern farmhouse kitchens have become a hot trend in the home decor industry. These farmhouse kitchen designs vary in style and use a variety of farmhouse tools and fixtures. You will also find that each style of farmhouse kitchen has its own charm and story to tell.

Modern farmhouse kitchen design is often the result of combining vintage or old style items with new or modern equipment to create something fresh and distinctive. Thus, understanding which elements are necessary to build a dream kitchen with this style is highly important.

Some Elements that are Common in Modern Kitchens

-Brick Kitchen Cabinets. Although brick is no longer considered to be the traditional material for kitchen cabinets, the timeless quality of the dark, rich color of these cabinets has remained. The majority of modern farmhouse kitchens use a combination of vitreous China and stainless steel for their cabinets.

-Cabinets with Bright Colors. As the name implies, the use of primary colors in a farmhouse kitchen helps to tie the different elements together. To help achieve a bright and airy look, use warm, pale colors such as off-white or beige. These colors will also help to balance the darker shades that may be used in the cabinetry. Darker colors such as black and red will tend to make the room feel quite gloomy and uninviting.

-Cabinets with Glass Doors. For this reason, many modern kitchens use glass doors to separate the different areas of the kitchen from one another. For instance, the sink would be on one side of the glass door while the cookware on the other side.

-Countertops. Although stone is not a common material for countertops in many modern farmhouse kitchens, it is becoming more popular due to its durability and beauty. Granite and quartz are two common stone countertop options. Accents can also be added onto the countertops using materials such as granite tiles or stone tiles.

-Open Shelves and Storage. One of the main elements of modern farmhouse kitchens is the open shelving and storage. Because these spaces do not have a specific use, they can be used for a variety of things.

Although you may want to focus on the color schemes and accents in your modern farmhouse kitchen, you should not neglect the practical aspects as well. In fact, improper installation of these two important farmhouse kitchen components can lead to serious problems and accidents. So, pay special attention to their installation. By following this advice, you can avoid spending money and time on the wrong things.

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