Modern Boho Bedroom Decor Style Inspiration

In the past, bohemian style was used by a small group of people who loved to take their inspiration from nature. Today, modern boho bedroom decor appears in home interiors, and it can be called one of the most popular styles. It dominates among homeowners who love delicate, soft colors and subtle accessories. Are you wondering what exactly bohemian style is? Check the 5 inspiring ideas we have prepared for you. They will reveal the boho style secrets to you, thank to which you will be able to use it in your own interior.

Boho – it’s a word associated with French bohemia. It mostly refers to freedom and combines nature-inspired elements like plants and animals, as well a motives from other cultures. Boho chic decor often uses folklore decorations, various patterns textures and colors.

Designing a bohemian style interior at home is not as easy as it seems. Too many possibilities of this style pose a risk of making the interior look kitschy. So, despite the apparent messiness, each of the typical bohemian style elements are well-thought out.

Boho chic decor means also matching elements that seem incompatible at the first glance, but together form a perfect pair. The whole secret lies in a clever combination of various colors, materials and textures.

Boho Bedroom style Typifies adding Life

This boho room is completely loaded up with layers on head of layers. From the delightful wooden floors with various territory mats, the dark metal bed outline with layers of varying covers and cushions, and the layers found in the delicate white decoration crystal fixture. If all else fails, layer it up!

Credit by : housebeautiful

Boho style home decor – in what interiors can you use it?
Generally speaking, there are no limits for bohemian style in home interiors. It often appears in bedrooms or living rooms. It looks equally good in the hallway and in the kitchen – although those interiors might be more difficult to design. Bohemian style bathrooms also look incredible.
Boho style is a common choice of people designing a children’s room. Delicate, natural materials characteristic for boho chic plus bright colors is a perfect idea – both for a girl’s room and for an interior designed for a boy. All you need is to use the right accessories.

Boho total look – bohemian style across the whole house
You don’t have to pick individual rooms to design in boho style. You can choose the so called total look and decorate the whole house or apartment in this style. Are you wondering how to do it so that it’s not boring? Just design each room in a different color.

A combination of white and wood, complemented with fresh herbs is a great option for the kitchen. For the living room or the dining room, you can pick stronger accessories e.g. blue or purple. The bedroom will benefit from beige, brown, mint or salmon.

It doesn’t mean that you cannot design your whole house or apartment in similar, neutral color palette. On the contrary. Classic beige or delicate brown is perfect for this purpose. Are you wondering why? Thanks to this, you can make a change whenever you want – while not spending too much on it.

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