Brilliant Walk-in Shower Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Space may not be on your side when it comes to your bathroom, but don’t give up on the dream of a walk in shower just yet. From layout and design to tiles and colours, we’ve got plenty of walk in shower ideas for small bathrooms ready and raring to go. See what you think…

The humble corner shower is one of the most popular choices for saving space in a small bathroom. They’re compact, practical, and leave plenty of room for other fittings and pieces of furniture.

The humble corner shower is one of the most popular choices

Need somewhat more persuading before you discard the tub? Here goes… Evacuating the shower will, obviously, spare you valuable space, however that is not all. You’ll have more space to play with regards to making a definitive stroll in washroom shower.

Broadening the shower zone along the sum of the back divider will bring about a bigger than normal (and more rich) shower understanding without occupying loads of room and overpowering the room.

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If you’re worried about having a small shower, try opting for a neo-angled walk in shower design instead. This will give you more width when showering and get rid of any protruding corners elsewhere in the room.

Need a little more convincing before you ditch the tub? Here goes… Removing the bath will, of course, save you precious space, but that’s not all. You’ll have more room to play with when it comes to creating the ultimate walk in bathroom shower.

Extending the shower area along the entirety of the rear wall will result in a larger than average (and more luxurious) shower experience without taking up lots of space and overwhelming the room.

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Squeezing a shower into a tiny house bathroom

Squeezing a shower into a tiny house bathroom with teensy square footage is undoubtedly challenging. But we are happy to report it is not impossible. From wet rooms to pint-size stalls the following ideas demonstrate with a little creative thinking, you can pack a lot of practical function, and style too, into a small footprint.
Whether you’re dealing with a tiny powder room or a shower stall that’s basically on top of the toilet (been there!), a small bathroom can make morning and evening routines a lot less glamorous and—more importantly—less efficient. But you don’t have to let limited space stop you from living large. Before you throw in the towel and call a broker to help you find a new place, consider these words of wisdom: All you need to make your small bathroom look as good (and work as hard) as its much larger counterparts are some strategic styling tips and a can-do attitude. Here, we’ve rounded up 46 easy storage and styling solutions that’ll make you forget how small your bathroom actually is.

When it comes to small bathrooms, lots of natural light and a beautiful shower surround are always a winning combination.

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