The Hidden Treasure of Interior Design Living Room Bohemian Wall Colors

Bohemian living room ideas to help you recreate the aesthetic of the seventies and get the modern look. If you are searching for bohemian living room ideas, then you’ve come to the right place.

When woven furniture, warm color schemes and indoor planting reined supreme. Boho decorating trends are everywhere, from the catwalk to design fairs, and it isn’t hard to see why.

We explore the most stylish ways to embrace the bohemian look in your home. Adding them to your living room ideas moodboard will give it a color pattern boost. Which may be just what you are looking for.
We’ve included a range of bohemian living room ideas for small spaces living room for the decor adventurous.

Whether you call it modern minimalism, a reaction to the pattern-heavy aughts. The effect just a love of classic neutrals all-white homes and walls seem to be right now. The reasons are rich and varied (we’ll get into those below), but the depth of the trend’s effect is astounding.

Bohemian Living Room Aesthetic of the Modern Look

Much has been said (both gleefully and angrily) about this look. Typically, I let those extreme reactions go in one ear and out the other because if I’ve learned anything. It’s that the Internet is great at producing intense reactions to nonessential things. But lately, I’ve seen a swell of well-thought-out and reasoned from this aesthetic and a desire for something different.

What I think it means we can both embrace and understand this style. While also making plenty of room in our hearts for color, pattern, stylistic difference and abundance in addition to minimalism.

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