Master Bedroom Design Wallpaper Exposed

Bedroom decor can be a challenge. Master bedroom furniture are not often visited by guests. Because of this, they are often neglected. We can think that no one will see them. So we throw in our bedroom furniture upon moving in and never look back. Since we spend much of our time in our bedrooms, it can provide relaxation benefits, good for our overall mental well-being. Coming home after a long day to a beautiful space is quite relaxing.

Modern bedroom wallpaper ideas cover everything from map walls and statement murals. Industrial-inspired concrete and cement effects and even purposefully distressed looks.

Fancy a floral? Highlight the delicate pattern by keeping adjoining walls in exposed brick for a refreshingly modern spin.

Master Bedroom Furniture Ideas for a Relaxing Space

Murals don’t have to be overpowering, and can actually create a very zen-like space in which to sleep. Using gentle blues and picking out the same shade in the scatter cushions, the effect is one of overall calm.

Prefer something plain? Go for all-over colour in a subtly textured paper to let the art and furniture do the talking. And for something in between, botanical inspired wallpapers are great for creating a restful, neutral scheme.

Credit by : livingetc

Playfully patterned and bursting with color, vivid statement wallpaper is the addition your stylish bedroom needs. It’s a versatile design tool that can conjure calming scenes. The entire space or add texture to your minimalist bedroom design scheme. Wallpaper is also an ideal way to create a sense of escape in a bedroom. Whether with hand-painted wallpaper murals, iconic wallpaper patterns, or more unexpected wallpaper ideas.

While the process of installing wallpaper can be time-consuming. It’s well worth it once you find the perfect print to promote rest and relaxation. Take a peek at 30 of our favorite bedroom wallpaper ideas from top interior designers. From peacock-colored patterns to trellis prints, you’re sure to find a wallpaper to match your decorating style.

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